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Earn fuel discounts on the AA Smartfuel app without spending a cent!

Simply answer questions about your habits, lifestyle or interests to instantly earn AA Smartfuel discounts. The more surveys you answer, the more discounts you'll earn!

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To start earning fuel discounts on your phone, download the free AA Smartfuel app. You'll need to be on the latest iOS app version or the latest Android app version to participate.

Once you've downloaded or updated the app, join the Smart Surveys community to start completing surveys. You can access this on the app home screen.

The more qualifying surveys you complete, the more AA Smartfuel discounts you'll earn!

Make sure to check in on Smart Surveys regularly to maximise your chance to see surveys that reward you.

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Smart Survey FAQs

About Smart Surveys

Smart Surveys is an online research panel, created for AA Smartfuel customers and powered by Pureprofile. Pureprofile is a global market research company with more than 20 years of experience.

Joining Smart Surveys will give you access to a personalised feed of surveys within this app. Share your opinions with us in your spare time over breakfast or while waiting for your morning coffee and be rewarded with AA Smartfuel discounts. Easy as!

When will my AA Smartfuel discounts be loaded?

Your reward for completing the paying activity will be loaded to your AA Smartfuel account as soon as the activity is completed and you reach the 'thank you' screen. If discounts are not showing on your account within 24 hours please contact

I completed a survey but received no AA Smartfuel discounts?

Some activity in your Smart Surveys feed do not offer rewards. The potential reward will be stated on the activity tile before you begin.

Also, if you are screened out of a survey (e.g. do not meet the audience criteria) you will not receive the payout reward.

What data am I sharing by using Smart Surveys?

We will share your email address to Pureprofile solely for the purposes of creating your unique account with Pureprofile and enabling access to the Smart Survey panel.

Other data that may be shared include; data you provide directly (e.g. survey responses, profiling questions), data collected by engaging with the Activities on your feed (e.g. cookies, IP address, if you skip survey invitations, what surveys you click on etc).

More detailed information can be found in the Smart Survey's Privacy Policy.

How is my data used?

Pureprofile may use the information you provide us to publish and deliver insights or to deliver relevant activities to you (e.g. to maintain data quality, minimise fraudulent activity, improve the experience).

Your responses to surveys or profiling activity may be provided in a de-identified way, for further analysis or use, including publication of the de-identified results.

All information provided to will be presented in an aggregated and de-identified format, unless you grant us express permission to do otherwise.

More detailed information can be found in the Smart Survey's Privacy Policy.

How do I request access/deletion of my data?

If you have any enquiries or complaints about either our Privacy Policies or procedures, including requesting access to or correcting personal information that The Panel holds, please email Pureprofile at with the subject heading “Attention: Privacy Officer”. Please include your full name and account email address in the email.

Terms and conditions

Privacy policy

Any answers you give will be anonymous and confidential and held in accordance with the Smart Surveys Privacy Policy

Be a Smarty Pants, download the free AA Smartfuel app

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Be a Smarty Pants, get the free AA Smartfuel app